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Why Me?

Having been raised in district 46, I have witnessed how our communities have deteriorated. Families are financially struggling in our district and affordability has hit a new low all while our economy and productivity has grown to record highs. Where has all that wealth gone? It has gone to the top 1% and corporations who have used it for stock buybacks and executive pay. My father in 1994 was able to purchase the home I was raised in with a grocery clerks wage. It now takes a six-figure salary to buy that same house. Millennials and Gen Zers are struggling to have the same opportunities their parents had. Every generation in the U.S. has progressed forward economically, and for the first time we are moving back. Don’t we want the best for our children and future generations? I am tired of seeing our politicians focus on issues that are not as important as our family’s financial well-being. If our current representative won’t stand up for our people, then I will. It's time to prioritize!


District 46

Cities include Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, & Garden Grove

Support Pablo Mendiolea for Congress. A true fighter for all his people.

Please use the address below for any donations sent through the mail.

Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 26061 Santa Ana, CA 92799


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